Those of us who have lost a baby at birth or during pregnancy know that there are no words that can describe the devastation and pain. A dearly beloved little life began, but is now ended. There is a baby that we will never know. A tiny beautiful person that we will not hold in our arms, and whisper to our words of love. A personality that we shall never watch develop and delight in.
‘Beloved Baby’ is a ministry of Rosedale Community Church to provide a small gift to parents grieving the loss of a baby due to miscarriage or still birth. A beautiful, homemade soft fleece pouch is wrapped in tissue paper and given to the mother. Inside the pouch is a leaflet about grieving written in the form of a personal letter.
It is our prayer that parents will be comforted and ministered to by receiving this gift in memory of their beloved baby. If you have lost a baby and would like to receive one please complete this form.
If you would like to know how you can support the ‘Beloved Baby’ ministry please follow this link.
Or if you are a church who would like to adopt the ‘Beloved Baby’ ministry for your own area please follow this link.