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Adopting ‘Beloved Baby’ for your Church

‘Beloved Baby’ was begun in order to minister to parents in our local area of Cheshunt. However, it quickly became clear that this was a ministry that the Lord wished to extend nationwide.

We are delighted to share the idea with other Churches who would like to minister to their local community.

We will provide a copy of the sewing pattern for the pouch and a copy of the accompanying leaflet. The letter is under copywrite to Rosedale Community Church and so we include written permission to change this to include your Church name and contact details.

The intellectual concept and name of ‘Beloved Baby’ remains the property of Rosedale Community Church and we do ask that each local church signs an agreement. This agreement states that you will only use the wording of the letter under the name ‘Beloved Baby’, that any other churches that approach you wishing to adopt the idea will be directed to us for permission, and that you are happy to be mentioned on our website as a partner church in the ‘Beloved Baby’ ministry.