Small groups we run


50+ meets every Wednesday from 2.00 pm (although they are usually gathered well before for cakes and coffee). The programme is varied, from quizes, guest speakers, craft sessions and days out. Meetings are open to all – just come along to Rosedale Community Church at Fairley Cross Hall and be prepared for an entertaining and friendly afternoon!.

For further details please contact Rev. John R. Green (Tel: 01992 623835) or Sheila Woods (Tel: 01992 427792)

Men's Prayer Breakfast

On the first Saturday of each month (8.00 - 9:30am), men from the Church gather (at the Church) for an informal prayer meeting along with a full English breakfast - or just a slice of toast for those with a smaller appetite!

Sunday School

Sunday School is held in the Church Lounge on Sunday mornings during the preaching of the message and is open to all children of Primary School age.


GEMS (Girls Excited about Meeting the Saviour) is a group of girls aged 11+ who want to deepen their faith in Jesus and enjoy doing 'girl stuff' together. The group meets in The Hut on Sunday mornings.

Prayer For The Persecuted Church

One Thursday every month, a prayer meeting is held at Rosedale starting at 7.30pm. These meetings are particularly focussed on prayer for Christians throughout the world suffering all manner of persecution for their faith.